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  • Naretiv relies on Redbird for the vast majority of our video work, and for good reason. Redbird delivers wide variety of outstanding video products, from commercials to informational videos, for clients that range from nonprofits to financial institutions. Suzi is a talented filmmaker, and a consummate professional. It’s good in business to do excellent work. It’s better to be easy to work with. And it is great to be on time. Suzi does all three.

  • We loved working with Suzi and the Redbird Media Group crew! Suzi made the entire process of filming our story easy and fun — from strategy and concept to filming and production. Her innate understanding of people, kids and storytelling shine through her work, making her films authentic and inspiring to watch. We were so impressed with how Suzi was able to capture the spirit of our young students on film. We are thrilled with our final product and can’t wait to work with Redbird Media Group again.