Naretiv relies on Redbird for the vast majority of our video work, and for good reason. Redbird delivers wide variety of outstanding video products, from commercials to informational videos, for clients that range from nonprofits to financial institutions. Suzi is a talented filmmaker, and a consummate professional. It’s good in business to do excellent work. It’s better to be easy to work with. And it is great to be on time. Suzi does all three.

Mark Benjamin, Partner


As a camp person, Suzi just “gets it.” Camp culture is unique and always a difficult thing to articulate and get across, especially to those who aren’t yet familiar with camp. From the moment Suzi arrived at Kieve Wavus Education, she understood us for who we are and helped us tell our story accurately without pushing us in any particular direction.

Her process was considerate of the busy nature of our programming and we had fun working on the project with Suzi and her team! We recommend Suzi and Redbird Media Group because she is warm, attentive, and she does great work.

The camp videos are helpful tools for recruitment and fundraising. They are clear and visually appealing. Suzi helped us get our message across in a manner that makes sense to kids and adult alike!

Sam Kennedy, Director


As a summer camp in operation for nearly 100 years, it can be challenging to hire an outside company to come in, embrace our culture and understand the story we need to tell. Suzi and her team came in and immediately joined in the experience. The intricacies of the programs and experiences we offer are challenging to understand but Suzi didn’t skip a beat. She understood the importance of our legacy (and how it drives our camp) while fluidly weaving our changes and updates to continuously better ourselves. In short, she was able to highlight the old and new in a way that made sense.

The Redbird team’s energy, excitement and passion for their craft suited working with us perfectly. The videos that were produced exceeded our expectations and have been a great asset in our recruiting and marketing plans.

Cape Cod Sea Camps
Chris Peterson, Asst. Director


Wyonegonic was ready for a new video and an upgrade to our promotional efforts. We could not have been more pleased with the incredible partnership, creative energy and professionalism that Suzi Pond exhibited throughout the entire process. She gets summer camp and, most importantly for us, sought a deep understanding of Wyonegonic. This thoughtful caring shows in the end result.

Suzi is detail oriented, has a pleasant disposition, and delivered on time, on budget, and with superb quality. The advance planning that she asked for was spot on and allowed for efficiency during the days on property. While at camp, Suzi and her team were very professional, treating staff, campers and our program needs with respect. Suzi allowed us just enough access to her post-production process which gave me insight into her creative ideas.

Comment from a camp alumnae: “What a beautiful video capturing the magical essence of our wonderful ‘home’ in Maine.” And from a prospective family: “Wonderful video. My daughter age 6, just watched the whole thing and said “I hope I can be there some day”.

I’m happy to give RedBird Media Group a five star, big thumbs up review. and recommend Suzi’s services without reservation. We are excited to leverage our new video for years to come. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with Suzi again.

Wyonegonic Camps
David Suddith, Owner / Director


Suzi combines her talent as an artist and storyteller with a pragmatism and focus that delivers something that is not only beautiful but incredibly effective. As we work to draw more donors to the farm, the film that Suzi produced for us is one of the most important tools that we have.

Suzi gracefully guided us through a long and complex process of telling the story of Wolfe’s Neck Farm in a way that invites people learn more about our work, and inspires them to get involved.

In a time when face to face contact with supporters is harder to accomplish, her work in capturing the essence and the impact of Wolfe’s Neck Farm on film has made a big difference in our ability to share our message with a wider audience.

Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment
Jeannie Mattson, Events and Membership Manager


Suzi is a true artist with an appreciation for details, organization and structure. From the beginning to the end of our project, Redbird Media Group pushed me to articulate our important messages, kept us thinking in new, constructive, and creative ways and arrived at camp very prepared with deep energy reserves and enthusiasm.

Suzi believes in the power of storytelling and it shows in her work. She brought out insights from those she worked with and made people comfortable in front of the camera. She was professional and personable, easy going yet gifted with a keen eye, and understood what we were trying to say even when we had difficulty articulating our own thoughts.

Apart from her expertise in filmmaking, Suzi is a wonderful person. She is easy and fun to work with and believes in the power of camp to make a profound difference in the world.

Camp Winnebago
Andy Lilienthal, Director


Suzi’s skill and experience as a producer is invaluable. She and her team went above and beyond in crafting a video for our advocacy campaign, helping us to figure out how to distill some complicated concepts into a compelling, moving video. I can’t recommend working with Redbird Media Group highly enough!

Environmental Health Strategy Center
Nika Beauchamp, Digital Communications Manager


Girls on the Run-Maine is a small, non-profit organization that needed someone to help us share our story to help grow our program and our volunteer base. When we first met with Suzi, we were instantly impressed with her vision and her enthusiasm and knew that she was the person to bring the Girls on the Run video to life.

Suzi took the time to learn the intricacies of our organization and was very flexible as we planned our shooting schedule and overall just made the process so much fun. The end product absolutely blew us away – she created just the right feeling and people are now able to watch this piece and truly understand what it is that we do. This video is so valuable to our organization and we are extremely grateful to Suzi for working with us.

Girls on the Run-Maine
Staci Olson, Program Director


We could not be happier with our video. Suzi took a lot of information and condensed it into a visual narrative that is totally representative of our brand and story – she’s the best!

Camp Alsing
Emily Chaleff, Director


Working with Suzi has been an amazing experience. She approaches projects with an enthusiasm, passion and skill that is not only rare but critical to us as a mission-driven organization. She has an incredible eye and tells stories in a way that feels both fresh and timeless.

Suzi’s warmth and character put people at ease during interviews. The whole process from conception to completion was fun and engaging for everyone involved.

We’re thrilled about the finished product, and believe it will go a long way to helping us share our message. We look forward to working with Redbird Media Group again in the future!

Wolfe’s Neck Farm
Jackie Stearns, Marketing and Communications Manager


Suzi created videos for United Way of Greater Portland which inspired so many in our community to support UWGP’s critical work. She is an expert technically and combines a unique sensibility, a gifted eye and an admirable work ethic to produce art which amazes through its clarity, beauty and insight. A musician, she brings aural expertise to her visual work as well. Simply put, she is remarkable.

Sarasota United Way Suncoast
Valerie Yates, Director of Major Gifts


Suzi Pond is quick with a smile but don’t let her playful exterior fool you. She is concise, organized and clear, and she helped me a great deal because I always feel awkward finding my natural cadence in front of the camera.

Suzi understands what needs to be conveyed about camps, and she was able to coach and guide me so that I could deliver my best. When I nailed it, she reinforced my efforts immediately. When I needed to offer more details, she knew how to draw it out of me. As professionals, Suzi Pond and her team were flexible and hardworking. The Redbird crew came on site any time of day to capture the best material, and one of her videographers even climbed up into the trees!

Kieve-Wavus Education
Kirstie Truluck, Director


Suzi’s camera is a natural extension of her body – so much so that you don’t feel the equipment in the room while she’s working with you. Suzi is a natural storyteller and filmmaker. She is a skilled professional, with exceptional energy and a wonderful sense humor to boot! Suzi creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes the process of telling your story through film easy and fun. She has a great command and love for both the process as well as the finished product. Her films ingeniously shape the world around you to reveal the theme in subtle ways that lead the viewers through an engaging journey to your message.

Suzi is an artist at heart with a great talent for filmmaking. These qualities layered with her professional and business skills make her a true pleasure to work with!

Side x Side
Beth Wilbur Van Mierlo, Founder / Executive Director


Suzi made a beautiful video documenting our “Big Night” community event. She had a creative vision for the project from the get-go, and was efficient and professional in gathering the information she needed ahead of time to be thoroughly prepared on the day of the event. She edited and turned the video around in a matter of hours and we were blown away by the finished product. It was such a pleasure to work with Suzi. We’re grateful that she was able to tell our story so artfully.

The Telling Room
Molly Haley, Director of Multimedia


We loved working with Suzi and the Redbird Media Group crew! Suzi made the entire process of filming our story easy and fun — from strategy and concept to filming and production. Her innate understanding of people, kids and storytelling shine through her work, making her films authentic and inspiring to watch. We were so impressed with how Suzi was able to capture the spirit of our young students on film. We are thrilled with our final product and can’t wait to work with Redbird Media Group again.

Dana Pagar, Co-Founder


Suzi made a video for my Kickstarter campaign last spring and I feel sure that her video was hugely responsible for my making the goal so I could publish  a book for children to help explain their parents’ prescription drug addiction.  How she managed to interview me and make a video so seamlessly still astounds me! Thank you, Suzi!

Sea Star Stories
Sally Waite, Founder


It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Redbird Media Group in the production of a beautiful video about our nonprofit, Side x Side. Suzi has a gentle way of guiding the somewhat awkward process of capturing interviews onscreen while teasing out critical information, and she edits to perfection creating an audiovisual story with subtle messaging. She has a strong sense of what is current in the design of informational films, and is enthusiastic about her work. We can’t wait to do it again!

Side x Side
Annette Kraus, Director of Program Development