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Our love of camp formed early. Suzi spent many childhood summers as a camper at an 8-week overnight camp on the shores of a beautiful lake in Maine and it was there that she discovered what camp can do and the critical role it plays in both adolescent development and fostering a love for the outdoors. Her love of camp brought her back as a counselor where she met her New Zealander husband. Eighteen years later, they continue to live in Maine with their two young boys. As the parent of a Summer 2019 camper, Suzi is even more aware and appreciative of the camp experience.


We like to start our work with summer camps as early in the year as possible, using a series of 1:1 conversations and exploratory shared documents that help hone message and strategy. By the time our crew arrives to film, there’s a plan and everyone is on board and focused. In addition to being professional videographers, our crew consists of veteran camp filmmakers. Whether it’s scaling the climbing wall for the best angle, heading out in a support boat to score an amazing sailing angle, rising very early to capture a sunrise paddle or melting quietly into the background of a traditional gathering like campfire, we have the skill and understanding of camp to film effectively and respectfully while capturing beautiful compelling visuals. On the interview / story side, Suzi brings over 20 years of experience in the professional documentary and journalism fields and knows just how to put campers and staff at ease. (Don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials!)


Advancements in gear and editing technology allow our crew to be nimble filmmakers and efficient editors. Let’s talk about your budget and see what’s possible.

Summer 2019 Camps!

Camp Wyonegonic

Wildwood: Mass Audubon

Cape Cod Sea Camps

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Wavus Camp for Girls is a traditional Maine summer camp for girls. Wavus Camp for Girls develops leaders who have a strong sense of self and possess the strength of character necessary to meet the challenges of the world in which they live.

First established in 1926, Camp for Kieve for Boys remains the flagship program at Kieve. During our two full 26 day sessions, a total of approximately 240 boys (each session) experience a wide variety of exciting and enjoyable in-camp activities and a set of increasingly challenging wilderness tripping adventures.

We worked closely with the Kieve-Wavus Education team to re-brand and update their summer camp video materials. Our team filmed Wavus Camp for Girls and Kieve Camp for Boys during summer 2018 and final films debuted Fall 2018.

As a camp person, Suzi just “gets it.” Camp culture is unique and always a difficult thing to articulate and get across, especially to those who aren’t yet familiar with camp. From the moment Suzi arrived at Kieve Wavus Education, she understood us for who we are and helped us tell our story accurately without pushing us in any particular direction.

Her process was considerate of the busy nature of our programming and we had fun working on the project with Suzi and her team! We recommend Suzi and Redbird Media Group because she is warm, attentive, and she does great work.

The camp videos are helpful tools for recruitment and fundraising. They are clear and visually appealing. Suzi helped us get our message across in a manner that makes sense to kids and adult alike!    – Sam Kennedy, Kieve-Wavus | Director


Suzi Pond is quick with a smile but don’t let her playful exterior fool you. She is concise, organized and clear, and she helped me a great deal because I always feel awkward finding my natural cadence in front of the camera. Suzi understands what needs to be conveyed about camps, and she was able to coach and guide me so that I could deliver my best. When I nailed it, she reinforced my efforts immediately. When I needed to offer more details, she knew how to draw it out of me.

As professionals, Suzi Pond and her team were flexible and hardworking. The Redbird crew came on site any time of day to capture the best material, and one of her videographers even climbed up into the trees! – Kirstie Truluck, Kieve-Wavus | Director



Camp Winnebago is a traditional Maine summer camp for boys. For nearly a century, Winnebago has offered boys, ages 8-15, a safe, positive and creative environment where, in the spirit of fun, they develop both physically and socially through participation in a broad range of land & water sports, wilderness adventure, and individual activities.

Camp Winnebago wished to totally revamp their video marketing and communication materials. Starting from a completely fresh slate, we started planning and strategizing early in 2017. Instead of the once-traditional longer video, we worked to divide the camp experience into meaningful vignettes that gave each program and idea space to breathe. Our team filmed Camp Winnebago during summer 2017 and final 8 films debuted that Fall.

Suzi is a true artist with an appreciation for details, organization and structure. From the beginning to the end of our project, Redbird Media Group pushed me to articulate our important messages, kept us thinking in new, constructive, and creative ways and arrived at camp very prepared with deep energy reserves and enthusiasm.

Suzi believes in the power of storytelling and it shows in her work. She brought out insights from those she worked with and made people comfortable in front of the camera. She was professional and personable, easy going yet gifted with a keen eye, and understood what we were trying to say even when we had difficulty articulating our own thoughts.

Apart from her expertise in filmmaking, Suzi is a wonderful person. She is easy and fun to work with and believes in the power of camp to make a profound difference in the world.     – Andy Lilienthal, Camp Winnebago | Director