About Redbird

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After 15 years working in journalism, documentary and nonprofit fundraising, Suzi started Redbird Media Group in 2014.  Since then, she's gratefully collaborated with local artists in the film and video industries.

In late 2019, Suzi and Christian crossed paths on a Redbird project for Maine Community Foundation. When Suzi thanked Christian for lending a hand on set, their conversation quickly settled into talking gear, storytelling and travels.

Those initial sparks of friendship ignited a creative partnership. In early 2020, Suzi invited Christian to traverse the icy Maine rivers to capture Atlantic salmon preservation. There's nothing like passing expensive gear over open water while wearing waders to build trust! Christian joined Redbird full-time in 2021.


Founder / Principal

Suzi Pond

Suzi founded Redbird Media group in 2014 as a way to weave together her experiences in journalism, documentary and nonprofit fundraising. She's a graduate of Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and her audio storytelling has been heard on NPR. She is still the kid who rents documentaries for fun.


Director of Photography

Christian Kayiteshonga

Christian approaches storytelling with beauty and resonance in mind. He started early thanks to a camera from his Dad. Today, his hands feel empty without one.


Sound Engineer

Alice Anderson

Alice studies waveforms and frequencies and is our audio magician behind the scenes. She's also a integral part of Redbird's podcasts. She brings the West Coast vibes.

We are grateful to collaborate with an amazing Maine-based community. 

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Mary Oliver, “Sometimes,” Red Bird