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About Us.

We are a certified B Corp and women-owned Maine business committed to inspiring change through our storytelling and our business practices.


  • Redbird's final film helped stakeholders to actually see endangered Atlantic salmon that are in the rivers in Maine and gives viewers the chance to immerse into the rivers and projects we work on. It is also an illustrative summary of our work.

  • Redbird Media Group is perfection!
    They take our vision and turn it into beautiful, impactful masterpieces that our donors and audiences get to watch over and over again.

  • We're helping kids grow up to be resilient, positive contributors. Redbird gets that message across beautifully.

    We recommend Redbird Media Group because they are warm, attentive, and do great work.

  • Redbird's videos helped to increase public awareness about the great work being done in Maine to sustainably manage waste and improve our environment and strengthened our ties with communities and community members, growing the number and strength of ecomaine's ambassadors.

  • We've found a partner that understands who we are and helps us capture our stories in an authentic way. By working together, we are able to more successfully execute our mission to connect people to the outdoors, their food, and each other.

  • Working with Redbird has been an amazing experience. They approach projects with an enthusiasm, passion and skill that is not only rare but critical to us as a mission-driven organization. 

    Their warmth and character put people at ease during interviews. The whole process from conception to completion was fun and engaging for everyone involved. We’re thrilled about the finished product, and believe it will go a long way to helping us share our message. We look forward to working with Redbird Media Group again in the future!

  • Suzi Pond approaches her work with a rare combination of talent and heart. As a leader and role model for other entrepreneurs, she moves mountains. When I founded Man Up to Cancer, an online support community for men impacted by cancer, Suzi helped shape the communications goals and strategies. She was instrumental in setting up and producing the Man Up to Cancer Podcast, which has topped 25,000 downloads. Her guidance and creative work have had a direct positive impact on thousands of cancer patients and our families. I’m forever grateful for Suzi’s talent, giving spirit, and contributions to my mission.

  • Naretiv relies on Redbird for the vast majority of our video work, and for good reason. Redbird delivers a wide variety of outstanding video products, from commercials to informational videos, for clients that range from nonprofits to financial institutions. Suzi is a talented filmmaker, and a consummate professional. It’s good in business to do excellent work. It’s better to be easy to work with. And it is great to be on time. Suzi does all three.

  • We loved working with the Redbird Media Group crew! They made the entire process of filming our story easy and fun — from strategy and concept to filming and production. Suzi's innate understanding of people, kids and storytelling shine through her work, making her films authentic and inspiring to watch. We were so impressed with how they able to capture the spirit of our young students on film. We are thrilled with our final product and can’t wait to work with Redbird Media Group again.

  • It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Redbird Media Group in the production of a beautiful video about our nonprofit, Side x Side. Suzi has a gentle way of guiding the somewhat awkward process of capturing interviews onscreen while teasing out critical information, and she edits to perfection creating an audiovisual story with subtle messaging. She has a strong sense of what is current in the design of informational films, and is enthusiastic about her work. We can’t wait to do it again!

  • Suzi believes in the power of storytelling and it shows in her work. She brought out insights from those she worked with and made people comfortable in front of the camera. She was professional and personable, easy going yet gifted with a keen eye, and understood what we were trying to say even when we had difficulty articulating our own thoughts.

  • Redbird made a beautiful video documenting our “Big Night” community event. Suzi had a creative vision for the project from the get-go, and was efficient and professional in gathering the information she needed ahead of time to be thoroughly prepared on the day of the event. She edited and turned the video around in a matter of hours and we were blown away by the finished product. It was such a pleasure to work with Suzi. We’re grateful that she was able to tell our story so artfully.

  • I’m happy to give RedBird Media Group a five-star, big thumbs up review and recommend their services without reservation. We are excited to leverage our new video for years to come. 

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